The best ingredients, an exceptional cuisine and first-rate service

The name of the restaurant itself, Gostilna Kraški rob (Karst edge), reveals where to find us – on the outskirts of the village Črni Kal, right below the Karst edge. Since it represents a natural as well as cultural, linguistic and even culinary divide between the Karst plateau and the Istrian region below, we wanted to combine the best and the most tasty traits of both regions in our dishes – it is where the rich and colourful Mediterranean cuisine meets the best ingredients and the proverbial Central European perfectionism when it comes to food preparation and service. The best ingredients, an exceptional cuisine and our first-rate service guarantee a true culinary pampering to our guests and pleasure for all our senses.
The main crew that will guide you through this culinary journey consists of two members with vast experience in the catering business. For years they both sailed in foreign seas and then they finally decided to join forces and conquer their homeland. Darijo Franca is the captain of the stove, while Milan Jakac navigates elegantly among the tables. Now you know where to cast anchor and allow your taste buds to relish in a tranquil ocean of tastes!

Milan, Darijo, Old Restaurant

Our cuisine draws from the Mediterranean and Istrian culinary traditions. We offer fresh fish every day (reservation is required for special requests) as well as various meat dishes that can be cooked over an open fire. We are known for our excellent homemade pasta and gnocchi, but we also bake our own bread.
As the seasons change, so does our menu and because of nature’s generosity we are able to include asparagus, wild mushrooms and truffles in our dishes. Follow us on Facebook or check our website to see what delicious surprises await you.

Fresh fish every day

Creating the perfect ambiance

Here at Gostilna Kraški rob we believe good company makes the food taste even better, that’s why we cater to large groups, single guests, couples and families. The bigger room can sit large groups (up to 30 people), while the smaller area beside the fireplace is perfect for intimate dinners. To avoid the liveliness of the surroundings it is also possible to sit and enjoy a quiet meal outside in the cool shade of the old refosco vine or at the table beside the bar.

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